Indian Embassy Officers


Shri Sunil Jain, Ambassador
His objective is to strengthen and deepen further the friendly ties between India and Kuwait and to attend to the welfare of 9.5 lakh members of Indian community in Kuwait. He supervises all work relating to political, economic & commercial, community welfare, consular/ passport/ visa, administration, press & information and culture.
Telephone Numbers
Office :22543000
Mobile :97203636
E-mail : [email protected]

He is assisted by:-



Shri Ashok Kumar Sahoo,
Personal Assistant to Ambassador
(Tel No. 22543000 )
E-mail: [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]





Shri K.Abdulla Kollorath, Social Secretary
(Tel No.22561276 & Mobile: 66577835) 
E-mail : [email protected]





Shri Shubashis Goldar, Deputy Chief of Mission, HOC and Appellate Authority
He is the head of Administration and Establishment and supervises the work relating to Political, Commercial & Economic, Consular, Visa & Labour and Press, Information and Cultural Wings.
He is also the Appellate Authority under the Right to Information Act.
Telephone Numbers :
Office : 22510891, Mobile : 97229942
E-mail : [email protected];
[email protected];
[email protected];

He is assisted by:-




Mrs. Rajni Verma, Attache/ PS
Office : 22510891 
Mob: 97229912






Shri K.P. Yadav, Assistant Section Officer (Admn)

He deals with the personnel administration, accounts and establishment matters.

Telephone Numbers
Tele No. 22513498 Extn 229,
Mob No. 66772411
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]




Ms. Hend I.K. Shia, Interpreter
(Tel No. 22530600 Extn.215; e-mail: [email protected])

Translation of all types of incoming and outgoing Notes Verbale from Arabic to English and vice versa and assist Visa / Labour / Consular Wings for interpretation; 
Preparation of documents for Visa, Residency, ID cards, Driving License, Registration of Cars for Embassy Officers and Custom papers etc. or any other work may be specified by the HOC / Administration. Translation work for all Wings, as required.



Shri Azizur Rahman, Interpreter
(Tel No. 22530600 Extn.215; e-mail: [email protected])

Preparing Daily Press Round-up (of 13 Arabic Newspapers received in Embassy). Screening of Arabic Magazines and putting up a report. Weekly analysis of the press coverage in the Arabic Newspapers about India or bilateral relations. Compilation of bilateral issues and other topics required by FS(Pol)/SS(Pol).


Mr. Sibi U.S.
Second Secretary (Labour)

He deals with attestation of work agreements of private sector workers (Visa 18) and complaints of private sector workers (Visa 18). Also deals with matters relating to domestic workers (Visa 20).

Telephone Numbers
Office: 22531716 Mob: 97229914
E-mail: [email protected]

He is assisted by:-



Mrs. Anita Chatpalliwar, Attache(Labour) 
Verification and attestation of private sector work contracts (Visa No. 18 – Bulk, Individual and Farm workers), Correspondence with GOI/State Governments/Local authorities/Agencies, Compilation of various reports/returns, and Parliament Questions.
Telephone Numbers:
Office :22530409 Mob: 97264247 
E-mail : [email protected]



Shri Amaresh Kumar,
Assistant Section Officer (Labour II)

All matters relating to complaints of private sector workers (Visa No. 18); Coordination among workers and company; correspondence thereof; attending to VIP references w.r.t. company workers, updating of OWRC and MADAD portal, periodical reports of complaints handled/solved; status of MADAD and Imprest Account.

Telephone Numbers:
Office: 22562151, 22530600 Ext. 234
Mob: 65051925
Email ID : [email protected]



Shri Radhey Shyam,
Assistant Section Officer (Labour I)

He deals with matters relating to domestic workers
(Visa 20) and attestation of their Employment Contracts and respective e-Migrate approval.

Telephone Numbers:
Office: 22573902, 22530600 Ext. 235
Email ID: [email protected]





Shri S.K. Rathore, Assistant Consular Officer (Visa)
Tel: 22530600 Extn-279
He deals with visa related matters of foreign nationals which includes scrutinizing and processing the Visa applications.




Shri D.K. Tripathi, Assistant Consular Officer (Visa)
Tel: 22530600 Extn-235  Mobile: 65875942

He deals in OCI cards, Surrender and Renunciation Certificates and Visa.






Shri Sanjeev Saklani - Attache (Consular/Education) 
He deals with Passport, Attestation and other Consular
services like Registration of marriages and births;
Power of Attorneys and attestation of various Consular
He also deals with matters pertaining to Indian Schools
affiliated to CBSE, conducting of examinations of Indian
Universities offering distance education.

Telephone Numbers:
Office : 22533125, 22530600 Extn-232 ,283
Mobile : 97295728   
E-mail : [email protected],
[email protected];
[email protected]




III Shri Krishan Kumar Pahel,
First Secretary (POL/CA/CW) 

He is responsible for work relating to:

India-Kuwait bilateral relations at political level.

Registration and co-ordination with various Indian Associations. Issues relating to Indian Community schools of Kuwait. He deals with the work relating to community welfare, such as, cases pertaining to Indian expatriates undergoing jail sentences or detained in Deportation/Detention centres are looked after by him. The travel document/facilitation, medical emergency/ death case for destitute Indians are dealt by him. Reports of thefts, robberies, assault & damages to property of Indian nationals are to be brought to his notice.

He is the Community Welfare Officer dealing with death cases, issuing of Emergency Certificates and Registration of Deaths. 

He is also the Chief Public Information Officer under RTI Act.

Telephone Numbers : 
Office : 22533125
Mobile : 97229948 
E-mail : [email protected]





Shri Deo Bansh Roy Bachchan,
Assistant Section Officer (Political)
(Tel No. 22543000 & Mobile No.97229913)
E-mail : [email protected]



Shri B.K. Sinha, Assistant Community Welfare Officer,
Deals with cases relating to Jails, detention centres, deportation
centre, hospitals and processing of their complaints. He also
takes up legal cases of Indians and locals, who come to the
Embassy with complains against Indian expatriates, theft,
drug, mobile fraud cases & other miscellaneous community
welfare matters.
Telephone Numbers:
Office :22562037 (Direct) 22530600-Extn-237
Mobile :97291468
E-mail : [email protected]



Ms. G. Lavanya, Local staff member,

Deals with registration of Deaths. Liaison with employer/sponsor of the deceased for completion of local formalities for transportation of the mortal remains to India. She is in touch with local authorities for identification of the unclaimed dead bodies and is responsible for giving updates on death cases to family members & relatives. The compensation related cases are also looked after by her.




Shri Mohammad Ashfaq Durrani, Local Staff member, Mobile-66680031

Visits to male and female deportation centres for issue of travel documents, to expedite procedures for deportation of Indians under detention, visits to detention centres (Duaral Azam) for issue of travel documents to Indians under custody, meet Indians under detention and issuing Emergency certificates to Indian detainees for their repatriation.



Shri Mujib Kollarath, Local Staff member, 22530600 Extn-243, Mobile-97610246
He deals with Immigration Offices, Police stations, Air Lines. He goes to Central Mortuary for collecting the list and identifying unclaimed dead bodies of Indian nationals and also to get clearance for despatch of mortal remains to India or local burial as per the wishes of the family members of the deceased.




Shri Sajan Varghese, Local Staff member, 22530600
Extn 223, Mobile-99896053
Hospital visits for meeting the patients (destitutes) and deals with hospital authorities, and family members of the patient to make arrangements for repatriation of patients to India.





Shri Yashwant Chatpalliwar,
Second Secretary (PIC) 

He deals with press related work, interaction with journalists, looking after Embassy Library and issuing books to schools and colleges, organizing Cultural Events etc.

Telephone Numbers : 
Office : 22523304
Mobile : 97229915   
E-mail: [email protected],
[email protected]



Shri Anup Singh, Attache (ECO/COM)
He deals with trade enquiries, trade and commercial disputes, circulation of tender from India and Kuwait, trade exhibitions, fairs, seminars, buyers-seller meets, attestation of commercial documents, handling visits of trade and commercial delegation from India and Kuwait. Co-operation in the field of hydrocarbon, investment, double taxation, science & technology, medial and liaison with the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Oil, Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Finance, etc. for various bilateral engagements.

Telephone Numbers:
Office : 22528358 Mobile: 97229917 
E-mail : [email protected];
[email protected];
[email protected]


(VI) Colonel Gurpal Singh, Defence Attache
(Resident in Riyadh)

He is responsible for promoting Defence relations between Kuwait and India.
Contact details : 00966-1-4884038 (O), 00966-1-4809519 (FAX), 00966-1-4884951 (R), Mobile-0096654429559 &
E-mail: [email protected]