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Fatwa And Legislation Department Lays Off Expat Researchers

Jan 16
10:37 AM 2018

Fatwa and Legislation Department recently became the first government body to implement the policy of replacing expats with citizens 100 percent, Al-Qabas reported yesterday quoting informed sources. The sources explained that the department’s director, Chancellor Salah Al-Mas’ad, issued a directive yesterday terminating all expat ‘legal researchers’ and urged the Civil Service Commission (CSC) to provide Kuwaiti candidates who can replace them. The sources explained that this decision followed an earlier one terminating expats working in secretarial and other administrative jobs. They also noted that another decision will be issued soon to terminate expat advisors, after which, aside from security staff, the department will be entirely staffed by citizens. Moreover, the sources stressed that Kuwaitis will be carefully selected due to the sensitivity of work in such an advisory department. In addition, the sources said that terminated expats will be notified and given the legal grace period of one to three months before terminating them.

COURTESY : Kuwait Times

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