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Witnessed A Fatal Accident

May 04
12:00 AM 2017

I was sitting at a stop sign, waiting to turn left. There was a truck coming down the road from my right, going 55mph. Across the intersection, there was another truck coming up to a stop sign, but the driver never slowed down at all. They blew right through the stop sign and got T-boned by the first truck. Both trucks slid into another car that had slowed down to turn onto the street I was on. Glass and debris rained down on my car as I just sat there with my hand over my mouth. The driver of the first truck got out and walked around in a daze, holding his head, while a woman holding a baby got out of the turning car and sobbed louder than I’ve ever heard anyone cry before.
Police were there almost immediately. I guess they had been in the area by chance. The person driving the truck that ran the stop sign is dead.

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