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A Few Important Resume Writing Tips

A resume is an advertising piece designed to market yourself in the highly competitive industry by reflecting who you are and what you have accomplished. Writing a top notch resume is the most significant task that you will ever do for your career. Employers get a better insight of your personality just by the way you have organized your resume. As the first impression is the best impression, a flawless and compelling resume can offer you a golden ticket to interviewing chair by outwitting others. So, here are some tips that will help you build a bullet proof resume.

Your resume should contain the most important information in well organized and clear manner. Not only the points should be short and specific but also it should be relevant enough to match the industry standards. Make it a point to follow an appealing format to give a fresh look.

A resume should be attractive and easy to read. A well written resume can hook the attention of employers and provide them a detailed insight into your key abilities. Name and contact details (address, contact number and email id) should be on the top of the first page. Rather than experimenting with different colors and font styles, it is advised to keep the design simple so that it communicates your professional goals with the employer.

A good resume should demonstrate your strengths and qualities enough to get hired by the employer. The most relevant experiences, skills and accomplishments should be clearly presented and the achievements should be included, instead of responsibilities. The skills you provide must be true and should match with your salary expectations.

Use action verbs to describe your responsibilities and accomplishments. Use of right keywords can make it pop up when the HR personals run search queries online. Use of personal pronouns should be avoided and only the concise language should be used to illustrate your details.

Make sure that the resume won’t contain any grammatical and spelling mistakes as it conveys a careless and lazy nature. To avoid such pitfalls, proof read the resume carefully .You can also consider getting a professional help to review your resume before finalizing it for sending.
As the corporate industry is keen in selecting the highly qualified and skilled professionals, your resume should impress them at the first glance itself. So if you succeed in preparing a strong resume, then you have managed to secure an interview and half the battle is won already!