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Indian Central School
Indian Central School
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About Us
Indian Central School is a progressive Senior Secondary Public School affiliated to  the  Central   Board  of  Secondary   Education,  Delhi.  This  School is  also  a member of  the  prestigious  council of  CBSE  affiliated schools  in  the  Gulf and  shares  expertise in the cultural, literary  and educational activities. 

The school  aims at  an  integrated  scheme  of  education,  giving equal  thrust  to  the   training   of   the mind, body  and  spirit. It seeks  to mould    individuals  to  take up the challenges of the new  century. It  not  only  discovers   and  brings  out  the  innate  capacity  of each  child  but   also grooms  him / her into a mature adult, and above all into a good human being.   Indian  Central  School aims  to  provide  quality education and is a  ‘ SMART’ Indian School  of Kuwait. 

Much  emphasis  is laid  on character  building. Efforts are  made to inculcate  in  students  values  that  will make them  critically  aware  of  social   realities  and  develop  in them a concern  for  justice and  love  for God  and  his  beings.  The  school  also  strives  to   develop  educational  thinking  and   innovative   approaches  of  imparting  education.  Special  care is taken  to foster  the  spirit  of integration   and   respect  for Indian art and culture.   

Indian  Central  School is sponsored by the Dar Al-Salam Educational Services.  It is recognised by the Ministry of  Education, Kuwait  and  follows the syllabus  set by  the Central Board  of  Secondary Education, Delhi. Its picturesque setting   provides   ideal  and   conducive   atmosphere  for   an Educational institution.   An  open   building,  air conditioned   gymnasium,  spacious   auditorium,   basket ball,   football   and  volley  ball courts,  well  equipped laboratories  and  a  well  stacked   libraries  are some  rare  assets of  this  school. Children  thrive under  the guidance of a  highly proficient and dedicated team of teachers. 

As Education  has no   terminals,  the   teaching  faculty   is   regularly updated   through   in- service programmes  and  workshops. It  is  undoubtedly   due  to an excellent  team  work at   all  levels  that  the  school   has  been  able  to  instil  a   sense  of  confidence  amongst  the   students  and   parents  alike. It has already  become a model school among schools in Kuwait.