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Indian Learners Own Academy
Indian Learners Own Academy
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About Us


Indian Learners own academy came into existence on 1st September 2010 with the aim of encouraging students to aim for excellence and to fulfill their individual potential – academically, socially and personally. Academy wants them to become successful, confident and caring adults’ who will be able to play an active part in society where adaptability, enterprise and consideration for others are increasingly important. All the teachers and taught remain focused on excellence in all they do – academically, in extra curricular activities, in professional development… and in behaviour, where students are encouraged to strive for excellence and ‘anchor’ themselves in being excellent persons in every way. “Wherever you are in the school, students, staff, parents and visitors can see the positive rules–the highlighted three R’s of Respect, Responsibility, and Resourcefulness. They are posted throughout the school, and they are the cornerstone of behaviours, we expect at “Indian Learners Own Academy.” Teaching faculty strives to put the children first in all the decisions and activities. In planning activities, the planners remind themselves that they are all about the students. The children are the reason, and academy’s goal is to put them first in everything done here. Culture of the school has a focus on ensuring good teaching and learning process. It is believed that if they are continually being taught well, the pupils will develop excellent study habits, which they can then apply to all areas of their curriculum. “Teachers present stimulating lessons and activities that successfully meet pupils’ needs and engage their motivation to learn; this is an outstanding feature. A high priority is given to the development of pupils’ basic, key and wider skills. This provision has many outstanding features, including a wealth of creative, investigative and other skills work that is impacting on pupils’ standards of learning.” Academy believes in strict norms of discipline. If the school is strict then the individual teachers need not be as strict as the pupils’ know what to expect across the board and are less likely to push boundaries. This means teachers can teach without worrying, and if the teachers are having fun/enjoying what they are doing, building a good rapport with the class then the knock on the effects can be fantastic. Academy expects its students to have high aspirations; their academic progress and examination success are ensured by top quality teaching, and traditional values of self discipline, politeness, responsibility and sensitivity to the needs of other underpin the school ethos. We claim school to be a good school because it promotes pupils’ creativity, standards of achievement, the quality of teaching and the extend to which learning experiences meet learners needs and interests. Academy is highly effective in evaluating strengths and weaknesses of students and has good capacity to improve each learner, that’s why our goal is to make “Every One an Achiever”. We particularly value the tremendous support of parents. Academy follows the curriculum outlines set by Central Board of Secondary Education – International, Delhi till class tenth and will strictly adhere to CBSE curriculum for its senior secondary classes.