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Integrated Indian School
Integrated Indian School
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About Us

The Integrated Indian School, Jleeb-Al-Shuyoukh, Kuwait is a recognized school by the Ministry of  Education, Kuwait. It is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary EducationNew Delhi, India. The school was started in April 2004, and within a short period of time, has reached great heights. It is a co-educational, English medium,  Senior Secondary School offering courses in Science and  Commerce. The School as per its motto strives for the best in education.

“Education should not be confined to merely storage of information in our brain but should be such which develops character m moral, self reliance and wisdom in man”            - Swami Vivekananda                                

  Rightly said, knowledge that does not equip you to face the challenges of the world cannot be termed as education. The guiding principle at Integrated Indian School is to encourage self discovery and creativity .Learning becomes a joyful experience when imparted without stress in a lively, meaningful and free environment. Education in its most effective form has always been an exercise of interaction between the learners and the world around them. The challenge posed by the present world requires that this interaction be raised to a higher plateau.
The school’s educational philosophy is guided by the Gandhian thinking that “ By education, I mean the all round draining out of the best in a child and man - body, mind and soul - equipped with the moral fiber and skills to excel in any situation life may present an individual with”.

Towards this aim, no quarter has been spared in building excellent facilities and ensuring that they are equipped with the best possible contemporary equipment. The school is staffed with humane, highly motivated and professional teachers, in order to provide the right environment for a fruitful and meaningful education.