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Indian Community School, Junior Branch
Indian Community School, Junior Branch
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About Us

The ICSK Junior School caters for boys and girls through their pre-primary years with children starting their school life at 31/2 years till year 12. Admission is given to both boys and girls for classes KG, Prep and Standards I to VI. The infrastructure is ideally located in the heart of Salmiya.

A school is a place where "future" takes its birth. A perfect school is the one which facilitates young minds to imbibe not only knowledge but also the courage, and wisdom to face the world with confidence.

The present education system is hardly adequate to equip the students to face the challenges of a fast changing modern world is an undeniable fact.

ICSK Junior Branch is convinced that radical changes have to be effected in the teaching methodology and course content so that the system of education is not merely information based but value oriented, formulated to bring about transformation and maturity in the personality of the students.

Education is imparted to children not just through books but through multi sensory approach, based on life experiences and the play way methods. Our belief is to make the school an extension of home. For best outcomes, there must be concordance between the impressions which a child gathers at home and at school.

The school rejuvenates the existing education system intermittently. The school, recognized by the Ministry of Education, State of Kuwait and affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi, is one of the premier educational institutions in the Gulf. The school has attained unparalleled status and stability in Kuwait city with its own campus. It is gratifying to note that the school stands as a symbol of excellence, fulfilling the dreams of its founding fathers.

The school's Faculty Improvement Programs enable teachers to keep themselves abreast of the new developments in educational technology.

Children joining the school come with a wealth of knowledge and understanding about the world around them. It is our aim to develop these skills and promote willingness and enthusiasm to learn more.

We believe in offering all our pupils the highest quality education in a safe and secure environment. Our focus is to promote pupils' confidence, self-esteem and self will. We endeavour towards responsible, responsive and accountable children.

Quarterly e-magazine PETALS is a new venture in 2014, honing the creative talents of students and covering annual activities in the branch both in house and inter school competitions.

We believe in a sound mind and healthy body, hence we stress on multifarious productive child centered activities.

We design our course study to help children strive towards:

  • Development of personality through public speaking.
  • Promote a sense of belonging and collectiveness.
  • Belief that every child is born to learn.
  • Cater to free and fearless learning environment for all.
  • Involving children in making class room rules and consequences that are easy to comprehend for all.
  • The staff is endowed with the winning combination of experience and youth. The primary focus of the branch is to lay a strong, steady foundation in their formative years ready to face challenges in life with maturity.


The junior branch Senate is a self governing body, which are democratically elected, through electronic voting and are routinely engaged in various school activities and functions. They assist in maintaining the discipline in the portals of the institution. This provides a platform for leadership.


In addition to quality academics, for the holistic development of students and to explore their inherent talents, CCA activities are annually marked suiting the level of students. To promote their enthusiasm, meritorious certificates are awarded in special assemblies.


Other activities like orientation program for newly inducted students, art and craft exhibitions, special days, Parents' day, Annual Athletic Meet, Graduation day for Kindergarten section, Field trips, annual picnics, morning assemblies on special occasions and National festivals are a few to mention.

The school counsellor is available and easily approachable on all working days.

In order to instil spiritual values in students, teachers specially trained in Quran and Islamic studies hold classes for Muslim boys and girls throughout the year.

Thus the ICSK Junior branch is versatile, with its homely ambience, and a combination of students and staff both teaching and non-teaching from different states of India.